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Tue Feb 17, 2015, 11:27 AM
Just cause I'm bored, gonna list some of my pet peeves.

1. People that lean with a game. (I'm sorry, you just look stupid, you don't have to lean your whole body right to make your character go right vuv)

2. People that read outloud. (I'm fine with it as long as you're not mumbling, there's no need for that, nobody wants to hear you mumble what you're reading)

3. People that taunt/tease animals, and then act like the animal is out of control for getting aggressive.

4. People that bring babies/young children to movies. I'm sorry that I want to enjoy my movie without your screaming child.

5. People that wear entire armfulls of jewelry. Like bands and watches and EVERYTHING you can fit on there. Just why?

6. When a waiter doesn't write your order down. I don't care if you have to write on a fucking paper towel or your arm or WHATEVER, write my order down because you ALWAYS mess something up. You aren't amazing at remembering orders. Stop.

7. People that wear a type of clothing to look cool and then complain about the things it causes. Ex, low cut shirt - omfg boys keep looking at my boobs ugh. tank tops - omg I'm freezing, it's so cold out. (then cover up, dumb shit)

8. Not using your headphones, listening to music loud and publicly. Nobody wants to hear your music.

9. Snoopers. If someone lays their phone down that does NOT give you permission to go through their shit. I hope you find something that scars you for life, you deserve it.

10. When you show somebody something and they barely look at it, if at all.

11. People that cuss in EVERY sentence they use. Like one sentence contains every cuss word in the book.

12. People that dress up their animals. Okay, I know it's cute and I know some pets actually like it, but I can't stand people forcing their pets to wear clothes and wigs when it's obvious the animals hates it.

13. When people type LiKe ThIs or L1k3 t#1$.. or use u for you/y for why/etc.

14. People that use the bathroom and don't wash their hands. Is it really that hard to do??

15. When people try to throw things in the trash from a distance and don't bother picking it up when they miss.

16. When people take and put MY games in the wrong cases. Thanks for coming over and putting all 490332784293 of my games in the wrong cases. Or if they leave the freaking game on top of the console, or out of the case in general. THERE IS A CASE FOR THIS GAME AND YOU NEED TO PUT IT THERE

17. Reading my things without permission. By this, I mean just walking up beside or behind me to read my texts/whatever I'm reading. I did not ask you to look at my crap, now please go away.

18. People that don't cover their faces when they sneeze or cough. If you're alone? Go for it bro. If you're around even one person? Cover your face, please.

19. When the radio cuts a song short, not because it's vulgar or too long, just because.

20. When you judge the things that I like, like it physically affects you.

21. People that dip/chew tobacco. I'm sorry to be judgmental, but it's DISGUSTING. Nobody wants to see you spit that crap in a bottle or just anywhere. And for the people that say "it's better than smoking" yeah well they're both gross and I hope you choke on it

22. When you see a certain thing clothing wise you LOVE, and they have literally every size but yours.

23. OSFA (one size fits all). It's bullshit okay? Not all

24. When someone you live with brings someone over unexpectedly. We both live here, I'd like to know when you're bringing a stranger in our house.

25. Pregnant teens. Okay please, I'm not trying to be mean cause I understand a lot of people are raped and such, I am NOT meaning you by this. But teens who just want to have sex like its high fiving, and want people to be happy they're pregnant. Like.. how long have you known the dad? Are you dating? Do you even know the dad? .u.

26. People that think they can cut in lines ANYWHERE. I want to stab you in the neck when you cut in front of me, because you think you're too good to wait in a line. News flash: you're not.

27. Rich people (kids/teens mainly) that act like they don't get ANYTHING they want. Like.. "omg I only have 10 video game systems, all new and limited edition, my parents are fucking evil to me because I couldn't have this one" no. Please. Stop, now.

28. People that walk up and butt in on a conversation, giving you their opinion on that subject when you weren't asking for it.

29. Workers that are more worried about talking to people (non work related) than doing their job

30. People that think they know EVERYTHING. You could be an expert in what you're talking about, but they know it better than you anyway. No you don't, stop.

31. People that say things that are so awful and put a (: at the end. For example, "you're a skank bitch and I hope you die (:"

32. People that leave their kids or pets in a car when it's hot/freezing outside

33. Putting makeup on your eyebrows. I'm sorry, I know some people know how to do this okay, but 98% of the people look so bad with it.

34. People that CONSTANTLY say they're gonna fight so and so, and talk a lot of trash, but when confronted they're like "What omg I would never say that, people just make rumors about me :c"

35. People that murmur their words and then get mad when people didn't understand what they said

36. When you share your opinion with someone and they try to make it a challenge. Ex - "I prefer cheese pizza" "I prefer pepperoni... HEY EVERYBODY WHICH IS BETTER CHEESE OR PEPPERONI" "Cheese" "well youre wrong.." "I agree with pepperoni" "-looks at the original person who said cheese- OH I TOLD YOU ITS BETTER" ._.

37. People that criticize you when you didn't ask to be criticized

38. When people try to replace buns with normal bread like it's the same thing.. no it's not, go get me buns for my food ;-;

39. People that are mean to their child for... being a kid. They wanna play with their toys and you act like they're being satan, why? Why even have a kid just to be mean to it?

40. Girls that will SCREAM about getting caught in the rain. I have dyed hair, and I don't mind getting caught in the rain even if it makes the dye run. Like they got their hair done but they act like the water is acid to them.

41. When someone wants to watch a show/movie when it's already almost over. Don't. Do something else till it's over.

42. Those like 5 min commercials you can't skip.

43. Fast forward being disabled.

44. You can't find a good quality version of a song you want. But jeez, do you find plenty of covers.

45. Two faced people. Mainly when they act one way when you're alone but act another way when others are around.

46. When you borrow something of mine and either give it back years later or never, despite me asking nicely for it back several times.

47. When you get that borrowed item back and it's ruined. Ex - lent out a game, got it back scratched beyond repair

48. People that drive really loud vehicles. And not because they got stuck with that vehicle, but because they -want- to be loud

49. People that try to force you to try something, after saying no several times anyway.

50. Movies that go from extremely quiet to extremely loud in a very quick time frame.

51. People that try to sing along with songs, knowing good and well they have no idea what the words are.

52. People that brag about using drugs or alcohol. I hope you're enjoying wrecking your body?

53. People that don't understand stage fright. I don't want to present something in front of people, okay? I choke up and cry and get so stressed I literally get sick. But please, force me to do it anyway since it's the 'right way' x/

54. Things that are okay for some people but not for others. Ex - skinny girls are hot wearing tiny little shorts, but if a larger woman (or any size man) does it, fucking cover up you're disgusting... how is that fair?

55. Black people that excessively use the word "nigga" and then get mad if a white person uses it. So you can call people that, and they can call you that, but because I'm white it's different?

56. People that smoke where you're not supposed to. Ex - school bathrooms. Wow you're so badass, you're harming yourself and others around you because you can't wait to smoke. Nice.

57. When you tell a really long story and then realize the person you were telling it to isn't paying any attention to you, because after the first few words they just ignored you.

58. Seeing family and all they have to give you are insults on how your life isn't amazing.

59. How girls are always eye candy, sluts, or the damsel in distress in games.

60. People that assume PMS is why girls are cranky. I want to stab you.

61. People who think it's cool to bang on tables to make 'sick beats'

62. People that say not to cuss because it's not 'christian', but they cuss like sailors

63. When people try to shove their religion on someone

64. When people leave their cords/headphones/etc. tangled up

65. When people touch my things/take my food without asking


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Dylan, I love you!! I wish there was something I could say to express it more, because "I love you" doesn't even cover my feelings in the -slightest- bit. c: You've been nothing but pure perfection since the day you came into my life, I want and need you for the rest of my life ^/////^ I know we haven't been together too long, but I honestly feel like we've dated like.. freaking years XD I can't wait until I meet you, until I can hold you in my arms, until I can show the entire world that you're my baby and that I'm never letting you go C: :heart:


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