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Which one would..?

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 5:08 PM

So this is called the shoe game, it's a really cool fun game I really wanted to try with my lovely SHIELDfox c: A link to his answers will be at the bottom so go check it out, feel free to do this with a loved one, friend, anybody!

1. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
Dylan did, and omfg it was the cootest thing ever. We we're going back and forth saying things we loved about each other and he said "Well you're Brittany and I love you" and giadrgajildrgnj SO ADORABOO HALP <3 <3

2. Who is more likely to give the other food poisoning?
Probably me, I can't freaking cook for crap, I'd feel so bad though ;u;

3. Who is more likely to get injured?
Me, I'm really clumsy >v<;

4. Who is more likely to be running late?
Me, but if Dylan was ever late to something I'm pretty sure it would be my fault cx

5. Who spends more money?
I -think- Dylan does, but as soon as I get money I spend it, so I really dunno cx

6. Who is more likely to deal with a spider in the bath?
Me, Dylan is really scared of spiders and it's literally the cootest thing, I'd love to come to the rescue for my baby >v< :heart:

7. Who is messier?
Ohhhhh my goodness, me absolutely, I'm a lazy slob .u.

8. Who talks more?
I think I do, I jump topics a lot and just ramble sometimes, but Dylan doesn't ever tell me I'm talking too much, so das good :3

9. Who is more likely to use all the hot water?
...Again me, I take really long and really hot showers, I wanna live in da water .u.

10. Who is a bigger baby when they have a cold?
Jfc, me, I whine so much and I'm like "I don't feel gooooooooooooood :C" But I'm too lazy to do things to help myself get better, so yea vuv

11. Who is less shy around new people?
Dylan, I think he -is- shy some but hides it well c: He has more of that "I give no fucks what you think .3." vibe CX

12. Who is better at keeping surprises?
Dylan! I can't keep surprises.. ;u;

13. Who is more obsessed with their hair?
Meeeeeeeeee, it's gotta be just right.. but it gets on my nerves lots vuv

14. Which one of you has the shortest attention span?
Well in general I think me maybe, but like I think Dylan does when it comes to games/shows/etc. cause I can sit and watch one show all day -cough- Game Grumps -cough- and he could watch a few episodes and be like okiokiokioki new thing >3< cx

---His answers---
Which one would...?Sooooo hai, this is a game/meme/tag/whatever that me and SqueakFace are doing, basically we get a question and we each have to answer who out of us two would be more likely to do it c:
Let's do this!
1. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
Me! We were both being sweet at the time though cx
2. Who is more likely to give the other food poisoning?
Probably me again, cause I failed cooking in school x3
3. Who is more likely to get injured?
Hmm...gonna say me again (sorry!) cause I'm clumsy and stuff, I always end up injuring or embarrassing myself >.<
4. Who is more likely to be running late?
Brittany because she's a lazy butt *hides* x3
5. Who spends more money?
Me definitely, I'm so bad with money vuv I spend it as soon as I get it Dx
6. Who is more likely to deal with a spider in the bath?
Brittany without a doubt, sorry baby cx I'm the kinda perso


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I'm 17 and obsessed with Pokemon, Rooster Teeth (Achievement Hunter) and Supernatural.

~My Love~

:heart: :iconsqueakface::iconshieldfox: :heart:

Well okai, that's my wonderful boyfriend Dylan! >u< I don't know what to say really, he's the biggest sweetheart I've had the privilege to meet, and I love him very very much ^u^ He's made me so happy since the day I met him, and I'm so happy to have somebody as amazing as him in my life, I love you so much Dylan~ <3


Dylan, I love you!! I wish there was something I could say to express it more, because "I love you" doesn't even cover my feelings in the -slightest- bit. c: You've been nothing but pure perfection since the day you came into my life, I want and need you for the rest of my life ^/////^ I know we haven't been together too long, but I honestly feel like we've dated like.. freaking years XD I can't wait until I meet you, until I can hold you in my arms, until I can show the entire world that you're my baby and that I'm never letting you go C: :heart:


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